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New Delhi, Mar 27 : Former Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has been chosen to receive the prestigious 2008 Hoover Medal for his outstanding service to humanity. The announcement to this effect was made in New York on Friday. The citation said that the award would be presented to Dr. Kalam at a special ceremony on April 28.


It applauded the former president was his achievements such as bringing quality medical care to rural areas by establishing a link between doctors and technocrats, using spin-offs of defense technology to create state-of-the-art , launching telemedicine projects connecting remote rural-based hospitals to the super-specialty hospitals.


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Today , srilankan cricket players were attacked by Terrorist in Lahore , Pakistan. They were attacked by a group of 12 terrorist (near Lahore cricket stadium)with mask in their face. Lahore is a main city of pakistan and terrorist can easily came there and attacked over srilankan players , then what’s the level of security measures were given by pakistan government. All terrorist came there with full of weapons like machine guns , rocket launchers etc.

Pakistan should give full protection to the foreign team , it’s a primary need. How can terrorists roam easily there , what’s going on there?…….  Here pakistan government can’t give blame excuses , they should accept their bad and should take necessary action against terrorists. ICC should band pakistan cricket team from the international matches until that.  Hope Pakistan government will do……. pray for srilankan cricket players….

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Here is really a sad news for all of us. Today morning Srilankan cricket players were attacked by terrorist at Lahore , Pakistan. After a tough ODI serious against India , Srilankan cricket team went to pakistan to play 3 Test match serious againt pakistan. Srilanka already won the ODI serious against them. After a draw of first test match , srilankan players started the second test match in great start , Unfortunately they were attacked in this morning by a group of 12 gun man terrorist near Lahore Cricket Stadium , Pakistan. Eight Srilankan players were got injured and two of theme (Samaraweera , Mendis) are got really hard.

Eight players includes Jayawardene , kumar Sangakkara and so on. But non in the serious condition now. Five police men died on the spot of this incident.So Srilanka ended this test tour. So many leaders all around the world condemned this attack. Analysts were feared there is no more International cricket matches in pakistan here after.It’s really a black day for the world of cricket. Hope the srilankan players will get well soon.

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On september month there was a huge example for humanity.Hithendran and his parents.They became the example of the humanity and everyone thought that ,people are there with humanity serving for the life of the humans.But this month everything gone………………………

Yesterday it was really a bad day for the justice.Yes, the law college students had a clash.When i saw the video for the first time my blood was freezing and i was shouting without my consious saying that stop this!! But it was a recorded video.What happened actually,

Law student were writing their exams and there were someother students waiting with logs and stones, roaming in the college campus.Hearing this the media, police people were present at the site.Immediately after the exams finished people in the campus started to move on.Suddenly some 10 to 20 people running towards a guy and they were beating him to death.That was like a hell scene.By the mean time the friend of the guy who got beaten up came up with knife and started to strike the people who were attacking.Even he was blocked and beaten up brutally.At one stage he went unconsious and still the attack on him continued.The ultimate stupidity was ,the police personnels were watching all these things waiting outside.None of the police helped those guys.Finally it was all over and the injured persons were taken to the hospital and treatment is underway.Three persons were injured and two of them are in critical condition.

When asked to the police about this brutal incident, the reply from them was simple saying that , they havent got the permission to take action.Many would think that this is really a stupidity.Please read this post completely so that you may get to know about the situation of police.

The parents of the three people were howling in the hospital.Everyone in TamilNadu who watched this video could express their feeling drastically.In 1950’s the advocates were really skilled and well disciplined.But from 1980’s the law college came as place of goondas and turned on for violent activities.This is not the first time law college students involving in riots.During Selvi.Jayalalitha’s period, law college students attacked the police people and immediately that midnight there was raid in the Law college hostel and all the students were smashed off by the people.She brought all the law college students down and proved what police people are capable off.But now this incident really worries the governance of the DMK party and Mr.Karunanadhi who is said to be the king maker of India.Really worrying.

The conspiracy behind the clash is the community problem.It happened because of the provocation of the communities.The clash was mainly between the SC/ST’s and the most backward class groups.Dont know how community came into the college campus.Today in Chennai there is no place for community.However this is really condemned.The problem was happening for nearly one week and the students reported to the prinicpal regularly and no action was taken.Atleast after this the Principal of the college would take action, but by latest reports he even got the suspension order.

Now, many people would rise the question why the Police didnot intervened in the situation and stopped the incident.The actual reason is”by court order the police should not enter into the law college premises without seeking proper permission from the Principal of the college”.This is reason why the police were watching the incident.Even they are human beings and they too have the same feeling what a normal person has.Even a public could stop the clash why not the police.The only reason is the court order.Will this order be mended from now.Because of one order by court, there became an advantage for the anti social elements.

Many politician and political parties insisted on the dismissal of the police person involved in this issue.Are these police men are the scape goats for the huge political drama.Aren’t they human beings? Even they too have hearts and feelings.

Many would think that the mistake is only with the police.But would forget about the student who bet those three people.Even though there is a point on the side of the police, they should have tried to stop the clash, Suspension is not costlier than a life of a person.

According to me, the police who were there in the site, could have definitely made an announcement through wireless and informed about the clash happening to their higher officials.May be the orders would not came from them.Who came in between? Was there a political background behind this issue?

After everything today the Asst.Commisioner,Inspector were suspended and 7 sub-inspectors were transfered.These are all just a action to make a report to the court on this issue.

The ruling party is definitely losing people’s confidence on them and this will definitely reflect in the upcoming elections.

The students who involved in the clash should be arrested and remanded.Their studies should be pulled off and should be punished severly such that their future should become a question to them.

People really worry, that where is our nation going.The Police and Lawyers are the persons who should save the LAW.Now even they are our of their hands.Are these students going to be wise lawyers and are going to save the law.

The punishment given to them should be lesson to all.

People start thinking.

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Emaar Properties said on Monday it plans to build one of the largest fountains in the world as the centrepiece of its Downtown Burj Dubai project. Arabian Business reveals what the real estate giant has in store

Friends - Kingdom

The fountains, which has yet to be named, will be capable of shooting water over 150 metres into the air – the height of a 50-storey building – and stretch over 275 metres – the length of two football fields

Friends - Kingdom

The $218 million project will be 25 percent larger than the iconic fountains at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas

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Like the Fountains of Bellagio, Emaar’s fountains will include an integral light and sound show and is expected to become one of Dubai’s major tourist attractions, drawing over 10 million visitors per year.

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The fountains will shoot 22,000 gallons of water in the air at any given moment and feature over 6,600 lights and 50 colour projectors.

Friends - Kingdom

The fountains have yet to be named and a cash prize of $27,225 has been assigned to the winner of a competition to name the water feature

Friends - Kingdom

The structure is scheduled to be operational by 2009

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I really impressed by this scheme which will the lead to girls society. The Indian government is floating a scheme which will give up to Rs 1.4 lakh each to families with daughters who reach adulthood. However, while Rs 1 lakh will automatically accrue to the parents of girl-children in eligible districts who are unmarried when they turn 18, they must fulfil certain criteria pertaining to their children’s welfare. Parents must ensure that their daughters have an 80% school attendance record and that they are not being forced into marriage before they reach the age of 19.Under the scheme, the government will provide cash transfers of Rs 5,000 at the time of the girl’s birth and registration; Rs 500 after every three months, for immunisation; Rs 2,500 at the time of her school enrolment; Rs 1,000 every year till the completion of primary school; Rs 5,000 at the time of enrolment and Rs 1,500 every year till the completion of elementary school; and Rs 7,500 for enrolment and Rs 1,500 every year till the girl completes her secondary and higher secondary education. The rest of the money will be handed over at the age of 18, if the girl is unmarried. It is really like a ‘amirtha’ for poor and middle class families. what you guys think about this scheme…

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Marina beach is the second biggest beach in the world. Not only this, there is so many special features about marina. I am staying at radhakrishnan salai(near marina). So i very much know about marina beach. It is playing a big entertaining role in my life. You guys can frequently find me at marina beach(near gandhi statue). It is a family viewing place in chennai. My main thing to publish this post is to tell about “LOVE PAIRS” in marina. You can find a thousands of love pair even in hot summer session. You know that for what purpose they are coming. In such hot summer , even i cant imagine that how they romance. I already indicated that, it is a family visiting place , So the pairs should aware on these things because peoples get irritating while seeing such scenes(so and so). I ll try to post the pictures of these activities later on. What you guys think about these types of activities at marina beach……….

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