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Today i am going to inform about a religious and also a historical place for you people. One of the famous place in chennai is Santhome church. Yes it is a one of the oldest church not only in india but in the world. It is a place where the grave of St. Joseph. So many foreigners traveled here for particularly to visit this Church. I have some wallpapers which i posted in this article. I ll try to post some other wallpapers in the next article…….

Its a one of largest church in india. I am a regular visitor of Santhome church. Its not only a religious place but historical place and also a lovely place. You people should visit this church. So come and visit this church and get the blessings of Jesus and also feel the peacefulness….


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Hi friends, here i am going to share some informations about my area(Mylapore). My native is chennai,Mylapore and near marina beach. I know much about chennai and its famous places. In our life marina beach is playing a big roll as a entertainer. I am a regular visitor of marina beach, we are spending more time in beach only. Thats why i am named this article as “Sea Breeze”. I also added wallpapers of our area below………..

The main reason for this post is to inform you people about marina beach.This is the second largest beach in the world. So please come and visit our marina beach.You can find a variety of snacks items in this beach. As a sea breeze i can give assurance that this place will entertain you a lot. So come and visit marina beach. Lets enjoy your life.

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