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A comedy event

As we all know ,Election is a process to find out the people as we wish, to guide and help us. But unfortunately, it is really used to play some comedy drama in our area. Yes we have election process in our area each and every year. It is a prestiges issue in our area. For this type of unwanted things, we have some useless fellows in our area including my uncle. These people really don’t have any other work apart from this.

The people who win this election, only having the privilege to organize any program or function in our area. The major comedy about this election is, like the M.P and M.L.A election this election also consist of so many rules and restrictions. Some of the rules are….
only gents( 16 years old and more) having the voting rights, age restriction for a representative is more than 30, no one should canvass after 10pm.like this there is so many funny things in our election. The last election held at 18th of may,2008. There are two teams participated in the election. There is no specific name for either. But we used to call them as “most worst team”and “worst most team”.They participated for 6 posts, namely leader, asst.leader, join.leader,secretary,asst.secretary,&join.secretary. Please don’t think that its a big area, it only consist of 5 streets.Apart from this,they also formed a team which consist of 6 member to organize the election(i.e like election commission). From this you guys can guess that how many mentally disorder peoples are there in our area. On 18th, vote polling started at 9am, then end at 4pm.They occupied our gym for this bitch election. Then vote counting started at 4.30, finally the “worst most team” won the election. They celebrated the victory with sweets.Please guys don’t be angry with them while reading this, they are just like mentally disorder peoples. So please forgive them.What u guys think about “enga area election”….


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