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Even though there is so many facilities for students in this modern world, but pressure on them also increasing gradually. We can prove this simply with event from the LKG kids, how they suffering with their studies. so from the starting, students having the pressure. Here i can concentrate on the engineering students who are having great pressure and difficulties in their studies. As i am also engineering student, i can give some useful tips to make it the course easy and overcome the pressure for those people who are all doing engineering or yet to do. The tips are all as follows…….

  • Get mingle with each and every one at the first day of college itself.
  • Don’t study each and every day, but study well for all the internal examinations.
  • If prof ask any question with you about the subject, don’t answer even you know the answer because he/she used to questioning you every day,it will increase the pressure on you.
  • Don’t aware or worried about the thing in the future, do well in the present thats more than enough.
  • Attend the labs regularly than theory class.If you want to cut the classes, then attend the lab session and cut the theory classes. It is a easy way to increase the attendance percentage.
  • Do the record works in the lab session as much as possible.
  • Use the prescribed author books for subjects like programing papers, circuit paper etc.But local others for theory papers.It will increase your performance in the examination because usage of local author’s book would save time.
  • In each and every semester,be 100% attendance, because it will help you in the future adjustments, it will also reduce the pressure on you about the attendance.
  • Be always cool, college life is for only enjoyment, keep these words in mind and enjoy your college life as much as possible.

surely the above things help you to make your engineering course pressure less. It’s my own suggestions, just try it.


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