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Here is really a sad news for all of us. Today morning Srilankan cricket players were attacked by terrorist at Lahore , Pakistan. After a tough ODI serious against India , Srilankan cricket team went to pakistan to play 3 Test match serious againt pakistan. Srilanka already won the ODI serious against them. After a draw of first test match , srilankan players started the second test match in great start , Unfortunately they were attacked in this morning by a group of 12 gun man terrorist near Lahore Cricket Stadium , Pakistan. Eight Srilankan players were got injured and two of theme (Samaraweera , Mendis) are got really hard.

Eight players includes Jayawardene , kumar Sangakkara and so on. But non in the serious condition now. Five police men died on the spot of this incident.So Srilanka ended this test tour. So many leaders all around the world condemned this attack. Analysts were feared there is no more International cricket matches in pakistan here after.It’s really a black day for the world of cricket. Hope the srilankan players will get well soon.


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Hi friends , here the great news for all superstar fans. Yes , Sultan the warrior release date announced. This film is going to release on coming April 14th , 2009. This is a fully animation film and directed by rajinikanth’s daughter Soundharya rajinikanth and Ocher film to be produced this movie. A.R.Rahman is doing the music business for this film. So we guys are expecting some great music from A.R.Rahman. Soundharya had done so many animations in tamil cinema. No doubt , this film is fully new for tamil cinema.


Not only this , rajinikanth another major project Enthiran is also going to hit the screens in the coming year 2009. Enthiran is directed by shankar which is his dream project. So next year is really a great year for not only Rajinikanth but also for all his fans. I hope these films are going to rock tamil cinema next year.

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Here is the download link of the sex scandal of cute actress Swathi. She was a compirer in Maa Tv and actress of the famous tamil film Subramainapuram. Believe it or not its shocking, see d caps u ll believe…


Download link:

Click Here…..

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What’s So Great About Firefox?

Enough good stuff to change the way you use the Web.

1 . Welcome to the Cutting Edge

The Web is all about innovation, and Firefox 3 sets the pace with dozens of new features, including the smart location bar, one-click bookmarking and blindingly fast performance.

2.One-Click Bookmarking

Bookmark, search and organize Web sites quickly and easily.

3.Improved Performance

View Web pages faster, using less of your computer’s memory.

4.Password Manager

Remember site passwords without ever seeing a pop-up.

5.Instant Web Site ID

Avoid online scams, unsafe transactions and forgeries with simple site identity.

Download by clicking the logo

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1.petr Cech (czech republic)

2. Cristiano ronaldo , Ricardo carvalho ( Portugal )

3.pilippe senderos ( switzerland )

4.Nihat Kahveci (Turkey )

5 . Alex Manninger ( austria)

6 . Micheal Ballack (Germany)

7. Ruud Van Nistelrooy (Holland)

8 . Andrea Pireo Laca Toni (Italy)

9 . Ferando Torres (spain)

10 . olof Mellberg (Sweden)

Do you want more wallpapers…..

Click here….

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A story which i heard from my 5th standard class teacher , Mr. Joseph was very much impressed me , i can also said that as a turning point in my life. He was a humble and carrying teacher in our school. Even though i was very small when i heard this story , but it made me matured , at that stage itself . Here the story comes, ” god decided to give difficulties to each and every one in the form of rock….. Then every one came in the queue and received their rock. A man (assume ganesh as he said) who was a dual minder was also standind in the queue. All were receiving their rock and went without any argue with god. Then Ganesh came and received his rock , even although he lifted that rock but asked that, “god please give alternate rock because i cant lift this”. Then god said, “go and search a rock which you can lift”. Then ganesh putted the rock which gave by god and he was searching for a new rock, after a long time he find a rock with which he satisfied to lift , but the same rock which god gave earlier. Then brought that rock to god and told that “god , i can lift only this rock”. With the smiling face god said “fool…. i gave this rock only…. again you come with the same rock , i know which one you can lift more than you..”. Ganesh downed his head with shame… From this i got courage to fight against the difficulties in my life…… Not only this one many stories he told in the same year which i ll tell u later. what u guys thing about this story…..

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1. Corbett National Park

2. Sikkim

3. Kerala

4. Goa

5. Sanchi

6. Aurangabad

7. The drive from Shimla to Manali along the Beas

8. Haridwar/Rishikesh

9. Ladakh

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