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I really impressed by this scheme which will the lead to girls society. The Indian government is floating a scheme which will give up to Rs 1.4 lakh each to families with daughters who reach adulthood. However, while Rs 1 lakh will automatically accrue to the parents of girl-children in eligible districts who are unmarried when they turn 18, they must fulfil certain criteria pertaining to their children’s welfare. Parents must ensure that their daughters have an 80% school attendance record and that they are not being forced into marriage before they reach the age of 19.Under the scheme, the government will provide cash transfers of Rs 5,000 at the time of the girl’s birth and registration; Rs 500 after every three months, for immunisation; Rs 2,500 at the time of her school enrolment; Rs 1,000 every year till the completion of primary school; Rs 5,000 at the time of enrolment and Rs 1,500 every year till the completion of elementary school; and Rs 7,500 for enrolment and Rs 1,500 every year till the girl completes her secondary and higher secondary education. The rest of the money will be handed over at the age of 18, if the girl is unmarried. It is really like a ‘amirtha’ for poor and middle class families. what you guys think about this scheme…


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India Today (H)

India Today (E)


Grihashobha (H)


Saras Salil (H)


Meri Saheli


Ananda Vikatan

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1.Presidency College

Kolkata (2001-4th,2000-3rd)

2.St. Xavier’s

Kolkata (2001-2nd,2000-9th)

3.Madras Christian College

Chennai (2001-9th,2000-7th)

4.St. Xavier’s

Mumbai (2001-5th,2000-1st)

5.Lady Shri Ram College

Delhi (2001-3rd,2000-6th)

6. Presidency College

Kolkata (2001-1st,2000-4th)

7. Loyola College

Chennai (2001-5th,2000-2nd)


Delhi (2001-7th,2000-5th)


Pune (2001-8th,2000-11th)

10.Shri Ram College of Commerce

Delhi (2001-10th,2000-14th)

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1.  AIIMS                                   – Delhi

2.  CMC                                     – Vellore

3.  Jipmer                                  – Pandicherry

4.  Kasturba Medical College       – Manipal

5.  AFMC                                    – Pune

6.  KEMC                                    – Mumbai

7.  MMC                                     – Chennai

8.  LTMMC                                  – Mumbai

9.  Grants                                   – Mumbai

10. MAMC                                   – Delhi

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1. Corbett National Park

2. Sikkim

3. Kerala

4. Goa

5. Sanchi

6. Aurangabad

7. The drive from Shimla to Manali along the Beas

8. Haridwar/Rishikesh

9. Ladakh

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1.Loyola College

Chennai (2001-2nd,2000-4th)


Mumbai (2001-5th,2000-3rd)

3.Presidency College

Kolkata (2001-4th,2000-7th)


Kolkata (2001-5th,2000-6th)

5. Presidency College

Chennai (2001-1st,2000-1st)

6.Madras Christian College

Chennai (2001-9th,2000-5th)

7.Fergusson College

Pune (2001-5th,2000-10th)


Delhi (2001-3rd,2000-2nd)

9.Stella Maris College

Chennai (2001-15th,2000–)

10.Elphinstona College

Mumbai (2001-12th,2000–)

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