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AsĀ  i am a chennai citizen, so i decided to write a article about chennai city. Chennai is capital of Tamilnadu and of the largest city in India, and having so many proud. There is somy historical places in chennai. some of the famous places in chennai marina beach , port station , santhome church , St.Thomas mount and so on. These places are well known for the world. But here i want to furnish some unknown places which are unknown to the world, and may be for the current chennai citizens. Some of those places are…..

  • A flag stage which is near santhome church.This is the place where Robert claive stared the war against France force in british government.
  • A Church in Secretary of Tamilnadu which is in chennai.
  • Thousand Light Masque, It was the only place which had thousand light in 1930’s period.
  • Madras University’s Auditorium, Its was the place where the first secretary meeting took place.
  • Bharathiyar’s house at Triplicane.
  • Amir mahal,Archad Navab palace.
  • Seven Well, Its a place for military water distributing place in the period of 1900’s.

Not only this there so many other places also. But i ll post this continuation on coming weeks.


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I already described about my team-FERRARI CRICKET TEAM. Our team doing good. The last match was a very tight one against the best team at marina. But we won that match. I want to describe that match shortly. We batted first and scored 92 runs in 16 overs. shafi and me made a partnership, scored more than 40 runs. Then our opponent team came to bat. That team really have a great batting line. But we really bowled well for first 6 overs. They only scored 21 runs with the loss of 3 wickets. But then they played intelligently and reached 60 runs in 11 overs with no more wicket loss. 90% of game was in their hand and but then arun came to bowl and picked 2 wickets in the same over with only 1 run. It was the turning point of match. Finally 8 runs needed for the last over. First 3 balls 3 runs, 4th ball 2 runs , 5 th ball wicket(a great catch by sudar) , 6th ball again wicket. So what a match that was. This gave more confidants to us. With these boost we are going to participate in marina tournament on coming sunday…….. what you guys thing about the last match and tell me can we win the marina tournament….

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Marina beach is the second biggest beach in the world. Not only this, there is so many special features about marina. I am staying at radhakrishnan salai(near marina). So i very much know about marina beach. It is playing a big entertaining role in my life. You guys can frequently find me at marina beach(near gandhi statue). It is a family viewing place in chennai. My main thing to publish this post is to tell about “LOVE PAIRS” in marina. You can find a thousands of love pair even in hot summer session. You know that for what purpose they are coming. In such hot summer , even i cant imagine that how they romance. I already indicated that, it is a family visiting place , So the pairs should aware on these things because peoples get irritating while seeing such scenes(so and so). I ll try to post the pictures of these activities later on. What you guys think about these types of activities at marina beach……….

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