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I am a big fun of superstar.Simplicity is one of my favorite thing in this world. By this, only few admired me, one of them is “superstar RAJINIKANTH”. I can say that he is the master piece of god for simplicity. Don’t think that i am fun of him thats why posted this article,absolutely not. As you all know, he is the superstar of south india cine field, but he is always looking very simple. See the picture below, it is a best example of his simplicity.

Not only this, there is so many example for his simplicity. In many tamil movies, so so many actors told about his simplicity. I thing because of these qualities, he is having more funs than any other actors in india cine field. Really he is a superstar not only in the films but also in real life. what you guys think about superstar Rajinikanth…


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