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My Unforgettable day!!!

Each and every person have some unforgettable day in their life. Like that, my unforgettable day is my “7 th std prize night” which is like a annual day in our school.

This function organized by our school management only to give the certificates and prizes for best performers of the year.The main reason behind that is to motivate the students.Believe me, I was really a good and clever boy in school days. i was also in the list of good performers in that year. my teachers informed me to come with my parents for the prize night. so i arrived with my mom at around 6 pm.

Function started at 6.30 pm. Chief guest was Mr.Kalimuthu who was the commissioner of chennai on that period. So the function started and some dramas and dances went on.After that prize distribution started from 6th std. Then my name called up, i hurried to the stage with little bit of nervous. I won certificates and prizes for all five subjects. Only 3 guys won prizes for all the subjects including me. But its didnt surprised me because i already knew that. After that, prizes distributed for sports events. Then the lost and really a big one, yes “The best performer of the year”. All the prizes before this were called up by one of our staff, but for this one our chief guest came forward and our principal gave a card to him. But at that time i was sincerely chatting with my mom.Then he opened the card and called up ” yogeshwaran 7th std”. yes its me. i really shocked and excited also my mom because i didnt expect that. Then i hurried to the stage with full of claps and received the certificate and prize for that. After that i got down from the stage, all of my friends congratulated me and my mom gave a kiss on my forehead. So that was a really great day of my life. What u guys think about my day….


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